Who Doesn’t Want a Natural Remedy for a Yeast Infection?

Yeast Tips

Suffering from a yeast infection is painful and embarrassing. It is also humiliating to purchase yeast infection products from the store or to contact your doctor. Even then, you have to go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription. There are natural remedies for a yeast infection that you can try as a safe alternative.

Yogurt is believed to be the best natural remedy for a yeast infection. The lactobacillus acidophilus produces hydrogen peroxide which kills yeast. Make sure you only use plain yogurt that contains acidophilus. There are several methods of using yogurt. You can apply it directly to the vagina; put it on a tampon prior to insertion, and using the fingers of a rubber glove. No one application method works better than another. It is simply a matter of persona preference. It has been medically proven that eating yogurt daily will help prevent the onset of a yeast infection.

Garlic is another popular natural remedy for a yeast infection. Wrap a peeled clove of garlic in gauze. Insert it into the vagina at night, and then remove it in the morning. Be sure to tie a string around the cloth to make it easy to put out. Be careful when using this natural remedy for a yeast infection that you donít knick the clove when you peel off the skin. The juice can burn. Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for a yeast infection that is applied by covering the top of a tampon with KY Jelly. This will keep the oil from being absorbed by the cotton. Using tea tree oil may sting.

Boric acid it stops the growth of yeast. Itís a very strong treatment for severe yeast infections. The best way to use this natural remedy for a yeast infection is to use capsules filled with boric acid as suppositories. Potassium sorbate is used to stop the growth of yeast. Simply insert a tampon dipped in potassium sorbate solution before bed and remove it in the morning.

Yeast infections can be uncomfortable, painful, and embarrassing. Being able to resolve it in your own home is a great relief. However, if the remedies aren’t working or you feel something is wrong, consult your doctor immediately.

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