White Sneakers Need Special Attention

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It is an established fact that every fashion-conscious man or woman has at least one pair of white sneakers in their wardrobe. The options it offers are simply limitless. You will always see most fashion gurus talking about white sneakers but hardly anyone talks about how to keep them clean and young and fresh for a long time. White shoes though look awesome and are most vulnerable to stains, and dirt of all sorts. And you can’t just go on and buy a new pair every month or so. So how do we keep them in top shape for at least some time? Read through and you will have your answer.

  • Your white shoes will get stained, no matter how much effort you put into keeping them clean. A simple wet cloth won’t be enough to clean them. What you need is a magic eraser. Do try normal shoe cleaners too but they will not work for every stain.
  • For areas where you can’t go with your hand like narrow corners below the laces, use a small brush. Don’t leave those areas as your shoe will give a double-toned appearance.
  • It is important that you get rid of all the dirt before you start the cleaning process. For more dirty parts, try a  gentle detergent. As the detergent can be too harsh, mix it up with warm water.
  • For oily stains, you should use shampoo. Make sure the shampoo is not too harsh. If convenient, use baby shampoo.
  • Inappropriate storing often causes shoes to get dirty without them being used. Always make sure to store them properly away from any exposure to sun, moisture, or dust. Prevention is the best way to keep them clean.
  • You should be proactive in taking care of your white shoes. To keep them new, take care of them right after unboxing them. You can get over-the-counter protectors to apply to your shoes. They will surely help.
  • Most people brush too harshly to remove the stain. And along the way damages the texture of the shoe permanently. Always remember that you have to brush them and not scrub them.
  • Make it your habit to clean them thoroughly whenever you take them off at the end of the day. This will prevent the stains to build up and get permanent.
  • Before applying any cleanser, consider the material of your shoes. White mesh shoes are very delicate, so don’t use detergent with them. Canvas kicks can handle cleaner easily so brush them with it.
  • If your leather sneaker gets stained, try cleaning it with toothpaste. For this, mix some toothpaste with warm water and apply it with the toothbrush. Scrub it gently until the stains wash off.
  • Don’t forget your white laces. They are very likely to lose their shine as they are touched most often. To clean them just take them out of the shoes and rinse them in soapy water. Make sure the water is warm. If they don’t seem to shine and look dull over the shoe, it’s time to replace them. Visit Straight Laces to get quality elastic shoe laces.
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