Wedding Outfits for Guests You Want to Know

Guest Outfits

Wedding outfits for guests are important consideration as choosing the right outfits can contribute to the success of a wedding and any creative wedding entertainment ideas. It will be easier for guest to follow if the wedding couples have stated clearly in the invitation. If not, then the guests will base on the wedding details such as wedding theme, etiquettes for wedding attire for guests, location and most importantly, the time and season of the year in which the wedding is held, to decide on the appropriate wedding attire.

Below are some clues to the best wedding outfits for guests.

1. Refer to the Invitation

If the invitation is embossed linen with lots of big words in fancy script, then you can assume the wedding to be formal. An invitation card with casual or colorful wording which welcoming you to come to watch will call for nice casual outfit. Of course it is best if the card has direct instructions on their preferred wedding outfits for guests.

2. Some Common Sense

Sometime, the location of the wedding can determine the right wedding outfits for guests. You also want to make sure you what you are wearing is comfortable with the right shoes or hat if it is held outdoor. If it is held in a church or temple, you might want to consider a wrap. Also, consider the time of day. If the wedding is held in daytime, you need to consider clothing suitable for daytime function only. Season is also will affect types of wedding attire as different weights and colors of clothing in the summer than you will in the winter.

3. Use the Clues in the Wording

Often the invitation will tell you right out what kind of wedding outfits for guests to wear. If the wedding is held in a daytime summer, lady can choose a light-colored suit, a light, flowing, or short, “church” dress, or a light skirt and blouse. In winter, she’ll need a skirt and sweater set or light-colored suit. For men, if the wedding is held in a daytime summer wedding, they can select a light-colored and lightweight suit, if possible linen, or a dress shirt and slacks, probably with a light-colored blazer. In the winter, he’ll require a wool suit or the dress shirt, slacks, and blazer. They should be light-colored unless the daytime wedding is also formal which required for darker colors.

4. Afternoon Wedding or Daytime Wedding

For female, you need to plan on wearing a pretty day gown, a dress with a floral design or possibly a skirt having a nice dressy top. A sweater set coupled with sling-back shoes and a nice skirt is a good choice too. It looks wonderful with a hat on too. If it is formal, you can put on some gloves.

As for men, wedding outfits for guests could be a classic business suit is easy and usually appropriate. If it is an outside wedding, a navy blazer and a pair of khaki trousers is certainly a good choice but never ever wear a tuxedo. As for shirt, you can select blue or white shirt. As for tie, you can select any color related to wedding theme. Khaki suits with yellow or green pastel color shirts are perfect match.

5. Evening Wedding

If the wedding is held in the evening, wedding outfits for guests should be more zest. For women, they should wear a short cocktail dress or a dressy suit in darker colors. Wear a not too sexy cocktail dress that is fun to dance in. Avoid beads or sequins unless it is to a black-tie event.

Generally, man guests ought to put on a dark suit. However, if it is a semi-formal wedding, you can wear blazer with slacks and a matching nice tie.

Sometime the hosts will specifically state the wedding outfits for guests in the invitation, then by all mean follow it.

i) Black-Tie

Man needs to wear black tie with a tuxedo while the woman can dress up with an extended gown or a beautiful short cocktail dress. Wearing accessories are important in evening formal function. Therefore, you may want to wear some spectacular jewelry for the wedding like a splendid pearl drop necklace, Swarovski crystal tassel earrings or diamonds.

ii) Black-Tie Optional

This kind of wedding outfits for guests request indicates that the bride and groom would like their guests to wear black tie, but are afraid to make it compulsory. Just put on black tie and you will please the hosts. For ladies, you can choose cocktail dress reaching the floor but try to avoid wearing black to a wedding, unless you’re not quite too sure of what to wear. However for men, they can wear dark suit with their tie but if no one at the wedding has done the same, they can just slip the tie into their pocket.

iii) White Tie

This kind of wedding outfits for guests request is the most formal type and usually starts at eight pm or later but only held during the winter. Men can rent the appropriate objects because such a wedding theme is rare and therefore, seldom people will buy them. For the women, a full skirted ground length ball gown with lengthy white gloves with magnificent jewelry certainly will meet the requirement. You can give a luxurious finishing touch with a fur stole or silk satin wrap.

6) Acceptable Wedding Outfits for Guests Etiquette

As a lady, is it acceptable to wear pants to a wedding? The answer is yes if it is done correctly, ie. a smart pantsuit with ornate wedding jewelry but not with a business suit or casual pants.

As for men, the common wedding outfits for guests are a tuxedo for black tie, a business suit for a formal daytime wedding or semi-formal evening wedding, and a jacket and nice trousers for a semi-formal daytime wedding. For beach wedding theme, you can wear more casual outfits which are made of cotton poplin, linen or seersucker. However, you should not choose to wear sandals, sneakers nor shorts as these are too casual, not fit for a wedding function. Likewise, female guests are not allowed to wear clogs, crocs, or Birkenstocks. Bear in mind, you are supposed to celebrate someone’s wedding with respect, not to spoil their festive atmosphere with your inconsiderate attitude. It is also important to check your shoes are well polished before attending the wedding.

There are several things you should never wear to a wedding as a guest:

  • Don’t wear all white.
  • Don’t wear all black to a daytime wedding.
  • Don’t wear anything sexy or revealing.
  • Don’t wear anything torn or dirty.
  • Never wear anything that will upstage the bride.
  • Never wear a tuxedo to a daytime wedding party.
  • Never wear something makes you stick out that would detract from the wedding.

7) Wedding Themes

Below are some the possible wedding themes and their matching wedding outfits for guests.

Beach Wedding Theme

You can choose bright shades of blue, red, purples and coral colors for shirts, ties and women’s dresses to wear to a beach wedding. Women can also opt for t-length sundresses and patterned short sundresses. Look for flower printed, fabrics, if it is a tropical and casual wedding. However, no jeans and risqué clothes are not allowed while women guests should avoid wearing whites and off whites.

Hawaiian Wedding Theme

Slinky Hawaiian dresses and breezy Hawaiian patterned shirts of bright orange and green colors

Winter Wedding Theme

Examples are Christmas, winter wonderland, and snowflakes. In this winter wedding theme, wearing a dazzling white fur wrap or cape will be a good choice. You may want to include icy white cashmere cape decorated above your shoulders. In order to emulate the radiant look of snow, why not wear a platinum or silver jewelry and an attractive tiara on your hair

Superheroes or Movie Theme

If you are a great fan of superheroes such as batman or superman or Star War, you can get your guest to dress up according to it. The only rule for guests with their choice of dress was that no two people were the same character as anyone else. This kind of wedding attire for guests is certainly full of fun, interesting wedding entertainment ideas, with brilliant photographs that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Pirate Wedding Theme

This theme is getting popular and wedding attire for guests includes any costumes which dress up like a pirate or wench.

Sports Wedding Theme

Wedding attire for guests for this theme is most welcome as they easily available.

The bride and groom have put a lot of hard work to create their wedding a beautiful and special occasion. Therefore, a little effort on the part of the guests to pick outfits that suit the occasion is not too much for them to expect in return. When everyone is following the appropriate wedding attire for guests, the whole wedding will definitely be a lot of fun and success.

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