How to Shampoo Your Hair During A Hair Crisis?

Hair Loss

The massaging of your scalp is right on target, I differ a little on the extra shampooing for the ends. This can weaken your hair considerably and also give them a dry rough look.

The first suggestion I will make is to only shampoo the first portion of hair closest to your scalp and allow the shampoo to briefly touch the rest of your hair when you rinse out the shampoo. The ends of your hair never get the protective value of your natural Sebum (hair oil). Then only condition the last portion of your hair which is the oldest hair you possess and needs more conditioning than your newer hair at the roots that receive hair conditioning from the natural hair oil. This should help diminish any dryness or frizziest in in the ends of your hair, stop tangling, prevent split ends and preserve hair color.

Over shampooing the midshaft to ends of you hair is very dangerous to the health of your hair. You may also want to keep a large toothed comb in the shower to evenly distribute the conditioner to every strand of your hair. Moist hair can stretch up to 50% of it’s length without breaking, whereas dry hair cannot. By the way, twice a week use a clarifying shampoo, roots to end, to prevent product build-up, if the shampoo lightly rinsing through your ends is not always enough.

My preference is Detox Your Hair with ABBA Molasses Purifier™ If your hair acts stubborn or limp and refuses to cooperate, build-up could be the problem. Molasses Purifier’s baking soda, molasses and special chelators put hard water minerals, chlorine and other impurities in their place – down the drain. Now your hair will come to life, while color takes on a natural dazzle. Your hair’s condition is rewarded.

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