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I know it’s been a while since we updated our Fashion Flubs, so here are quite a few of them from our fellow Fashion Police out there! You will notice a constant them. Jeans or sweatpants with high heels!! Now, let me ask you, who is committing this horrible crime against fashion? It is obviously a crime that is committed everywhere by individuals from all walks of life and age. Have we taught these people nothing?!

So, let me say this now, if you have ever or you know anyone who does this, print this out and take it to them immediately!!! Let’s stop this horrible crime against fashion immediately and ban all high heels with jeans or sweatpants! Let’s keep those individuals who are fashionably challenged informed!!! Remember, it is your civic duty as a fashionable individual to help those less fortunate! This was is from Rachel. She has a nice list of Fashion Flubs that she has encountered…

  • Jeans and high heels (The first of many times I had this one sent!)
  • Sandle-foot stockings with open-toed shoes
  • Black stockings worn with white/light coloured shoes (Minnie Mouse alert!)
  • Highly visible pantylines (because your pants are so tight that you can’t help but see them)

From Bronwyn who must see the same individual as Rachel, for surely there is only one person who could do this and her name is…

My all time pet hate, which I see all too often, is black pantihose with white court shoes – it shrieks Minnie Mouse! (Minnie must be making the rounds. Our Buzzer Karen must see some of the same individuals that I do, for I know that I have seen several of these looks in Indiana. I have two fashion flubs to share. One is the old ladies. I’ve seen many older women in my area that wear sweat pants with high heels, Beaded base ball caps and the worst of all sweat pants with high heels! (Believe me, they aren’t the only ones)

The other flub is men who wear old worn out jeans with holes like a second skin and have long hair like Axle Rose. (Alert, the 80’s are OVER!) These pants are so tight you wonder if they can “breathe” properly. I’d keep any sharp objects away from these babies or watch out! They’re gonna blow!!

Genevieve Brings Up Some other Interesting Denim Fashion Faux Pas…

Grrr I really don’t think big oversized xxxlarge tee-shirts look good when wearing tight – or even normal sized bottoms. Heck with it, I don’t think oversized shirt look that good at all. I am not one to cheer for the babytee, but a nice fitting white teeshirt is the key. I don’t like it when petite people where shoulder pads which stick out and look so disproportionate. (I agree, they just look like a small football player)

The worst are big tacky rhinestones, fringe and those metal charms on clothing, especially denim. If you are over 25 I’d steer away from all decorations on clothing aside from pins if you plan on looking classy. But even so, only small embroidery or struff looks nice on clothing. Big gaudy sparkly things are horrid. I can’t stand big headbands which are padded and in weird fabrics. I hate too short pants or pants that come up way too high. (Are we waiting for a flood?)

Fellow Buzzer Des Groseillers Continues with our Denim and Heels Theme…

I absolutely hate when women wear high heals with jeans or denim pants. To me, this is mixing dressy and casual and and it looks really horrible. Instead, wear flats or chunkier ankle-boots.

Sylvia Brings Up Another Fashion Problem that Proves Makeup is Fashion…

I see lots of teenage girls in Ohio who don’t blend their makeup past their jawlines or into their necks! And to add to that problem, they don’t even wear the right colors (and they wear too much) Come on, now. All you pale girls must think it looks good to wear yellow-toned foundation when you’re pink, thinking you’ll look tan. Umm, not. That’s why there’s professionals at those makeup counters, maybe you should see one if people stare at your neck for no apparent reason.

Here’s Another One I See

Straightleg jeans with chunky heeled shoes. It looks awkward! Are you trying to look funky or classic? Mixing those two styles is hard enough…Chunky shoes go with miniskirts, flaring jeans and other high-intensity clothing. (3/4 sleeves, mostly fitted-tight clothes)

I saw a girl in my Spanish class wearing light blue track shoes with yellow trim, and dark denim straight-leg jeans! Come on, wear those with dark Ck loafers or something! It’s a scary sight, of a prep trying to look hip and athletic. She was wearing a sherbet/white plaid button up collar shirt with it all. Get real, be yourself.

And from Jerri, this just goes to show that those of us who follow the fashion trends can have good friends who don’t! Jerri, I give you a huge thumbs up for sticking it out through the lunch without laughing! While I’m all for vintage clothing and vintage looks and or your own unique twist to fashion, you still have to know how to put the look together! You must be a great friend! She also changed the name to protect anyone from harm.

This is a good example of an extreme fashion flub:

I was planning to meet my friend *Tina* at a popular local salon for facials, which was to be a real treat for us both. Well, I showed up in a casual and comfortable little cotton dress with tights and flats. *Tina* on the other hand showed up and looked so ridiculous that she embarrassed me, she had on a thick black wool 60’s-ish straight cocktail style dress, you know, sleeveless, no collar, rounded neck line, straight skirt cut just below the knees, with, get this, a light cotton white lacey short blouse as a jacket, and it gets worse, RED tights and cheap denim colored OPEN TOE sandals that had that hideous yellow rubber platform soles!! I kid you not! The fashion flub here is: never pair a thick wool dress with a light cotton lace blouse, never wear red tights with a black dress, white blouse, and BLUE shoes, never wear tights with open toe sandals, and finally, never wear cheap shoes (especially if they have yellow rubber platform soles!! That girl must have gotten up late, and on the wrong side of the bed that day!!

From Elizabeth who has noticed this faux pas on two continents…

As one who needs to spend part of her time in New York, I’ll admit that this fashion flub is far more common across the pond … yet, to my dismay, I have recently noticed some incidence of this horror in London as well!

Nothing on earth looks uglier than trainers and socks worn with a skirt or dress! I have seen ladies wearing very smart clothing who ruin the entire effect with that godawful combination! (This look was made popular in the 80’s when women didn’t have a choice as to what to wear to the office and yet be comfortable en route, but that’s all changed!)

Cannot Resist Adding

It is one chance in 500 that anyone really looks her best in chopped hair … or even bangs. (Unless you’re Xena, Warrior Princess, a fashion model or under the age of 15, it’s a hard look to pull off!)

And not to pick on our older generation, but Ellen points this fashion trend among the older women. I have many fashion pet peeves, but this is one I had to comment on. When you see old women wearing those hideously gaudy pink and teal nylon jumpsuits! It gets worse! Sometimes they have paisley designs on them in wine and navy colors trying to make it look better. “Upscale” meets trailer park. Not an attractive mix. Here’s a tip for you: keep the paisley on the furniture — if that! I’m all for pretty pinks and wines, but for the love of God learn how to wear them right!!

Well, as you can see, we hear from all sorts of fellow Buzzers on the Fashion Flubs of the Globe! Fashion Flubs span the globe and the ages, so keep ’em coming and hopefully together, we can change the world of the fashionably challenged!!!

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