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Football is loved all over the world but Americans are especially crazy about their version of it. With millions of fans all over the US, National Football League (NFL) is among the top entertainment. The 32- teams league has highlighted some of the greatest players of all time. One such is Derrick Henry. Derrick Lamar Henry Jr. is an American football player who plays for Tennessee Titans. He plays as a highly regarded running back. Derrick is the current addition in the long list of brilliant and talented players Tennessee Titans has provided to the fans.

Born in Yulee, Jacksonville Florida Derrick was raised by his grandmother because his father was mostly absent and his mother busy. He had to cope with many different attitudes from his early life as his mother and father were very young when he was born. Derrick attended Yulee High School where his athletic skills came to the light. In school, he played football, basketball and ran track. He was extraordinary by all standards. Later in college, his game polished even more. In 2016, Derrick Henry was drafted by Tennessee Titans as a running back in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft. Surely, they didn’t know they are drafting one of the top players at the position of this generation.

In his professional career, Derrick has broken 1000 yards in each of the past seasons. Also, he has a pair of rushing titles. In 2020, Derrick Henry became the 8th player in NFL history to rush for 2000 yards in 2020. It has been said that with an outlandish combination of size, strength and breakaway speed, Henry might be the most important piece on the roster.

Derrick Henry Height and Weight

For any football player, height and weight are very important. Derek Henry’s height is 6 feet 3 inches which is about 1.91 m. Similarly, weight of Derrick Henry is 247 pounds or 112 kg. The 27- year- old running back earned the title of “Henry King” because of his imposing rushing game and larger stature than most players of his league.

Derrick Henry High School Stats

For Derrick’s performance in high school, numbers speak for themselves.

Freshman Year

  • Carries                                  313
  • Rushing yards                      2,465
  • Rushing yards per game     224.1
  • Yards per rush                      7.88
  • Rushing touchdowns           26

Sophomore Year

  • Carries                                    313
  • Rushing yards                        2,788
  • Rushing yards per game       232.3
  • Yards per rush                          8.91
  • Rushing touchdowns             38

Junior Year

  • Carries                                      309
  • Rushing yards                          2,610
  • Rushing yards per game         217.5
  • Yards per rush                          8.45
  • Rushing touchdowns               34

Senior Year

  • Carries                                       462
  • Rushing yards                          4,261
  • Rushing yards per game         327.8
  • Yards per rush                          9.22
  • Rushing touchdowns               55

Career Totals

  • Carries                                        1,397
  • Rushing yards                            12,124
  • Rushing yards per game                252.6
  • Yards per rush                             8.7
  • Rushing touchdowns                  153

Derrick Henry College Stats

By this time, it Derrick’s future was decided. He then moved on to attend and play football for the University of Alabama from 2013 to 2015. His major subject was communication. When he graduated in 2018, he had already made his name as an emerging star. His college stats are below.

Derrick HenryRushingReceiving

Derrick Henry Net-Worth

The Tennessee Titans star signed a four-year contract with the management for $5.4 million. Out of this, $3.30 million are guaranteed and $2.13 million as a signing bonus. As of 2021, the net- worth of Derrick Henry stands around $3 million. Recently Derrick bought a house in Nashville, renovated by top designer according to his taste. He is currently living there.

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