Choosing the Right Car Freshener

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In certain conditions, sometimes the car cabin smells musty which is very annoying. This can happen because of the part that is damp and not handled properly. For that, placing car deodorizers in the cabin is an easy and quite effective alternative. In order to effectively get rid of musty odors, here are some tips for choosing the right fragrances for your car cabin.

Tips For Choosing the Right Fragrances

1. Choose a fragrance that also functions as aromatherapy. Apart from making the car smell better, it can also serve as a relaxation when you drive a car. Usually this type of aromatherapy has a distinctive smell that blends with nature, such as the scent of lavender, lemon, tea tree, peppermint, cloves, cinnamon, and others. Put this aromatherapy on the part that is usually a source of odors such as under the seat or rear trunk.

2. We recommend that you avoid car deodorizers in the form of gels if you want to put them on the car dashboard. Because if it’s hot, the material can cause a yellow color on the interior surface of the car, as well as cause crust and unpleasant odors. Especially if your dashboard is covered with leather, it will be even more difficult to get rid of the marks.

3. If you still choose gel fragrances, the right choice is to hang them under the center mirror but not too long so as not to disturb your view. Try not to put it in front of the air conditioner because it can make the air conditioner smell musty and interfere with the smooth circulation of cold air in the cabin.

4. Meanwhile, if you want to put the air conditioner on the surface of the car dashboard, choose a car perfume in the form of liquid or liquid in a bottle. Because this type of deodorizer is not at risk of causing a scale which will be difficult to remove on the interior surface of the car even though it interacts with the heat of the car.

5. If you choose a spray or spray perfume, make sure not to spray too much perfume because it can actually make the car air worse due to a mixture of musty smell and pungent perfume. Spray lightly at an angle and do not aim directly at the source of the odor as this can exacerbate the odor.

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